Winter maintenance pay attention to the tire lamp

    Cold winter, vehicle maintenance will undoubtedly become the owners of the most concerned about the topic. After the vehicle in the warranty period, some of the failure will inevitably occur. The car needs "three points, seven points to raise", to find and eliminate some of the initial, potential, hidden trouble by positive inspection and maintenance.

    Attention should be paid when parking and starting vehicles

    Parking at night, try to avoid vehicle parked in the air, because the vehicle is composed of metal, especially inside the engine cylinder, after the night blowing and low temperature, metal heat absorption property and conductivity will let the engine internally generated frosting phenomenon, the internal temperature will drop very low will not only bring great difficulties to the starting of the engine, and damage to the engine itself is great. So, winter to start the vehicle after the try not to immediately travel or banging accelerator, because oil through oil transported to all parts, if there is no good lubrication on the road and acceleration will cause serious damage to the vehicle parts.

    Eliminate fog, often check the lights, pay attention to the line of sight

    Winter driving the most common problem is that the car inside the glass fog, so that the owner of the line of sight, so as to bring the traffic safety hazards. At this time, can be placed in the warm air temperature knob position, can achieve the purpose of defrosting and heating system. Lighting inspection mainly includes fog lights, headlights, brake lights, once found the black bulb, will be replaced as soon as possible. Halogen headlamps generally use two years time after light will be weakened, but if you want to modified xenon headlamps, color temperature should preferably be between 5000 to 6000. Because, the higher the temperature, penetrating fog light decreases, security risks will be greater.

    At the same time should pay attention to tire maintenance

    Tire rubber in the winter will become hard and relatively brittle, friction coefficient will be reduced, so the tire pressure is not too high, but it is not too low. Outside air temperature, tire pressure is too low, the soft tire will accelerate the aging of tire. Winter should always clean up within the tread of the inclusions, try to avoid using up more than one tire, replace the larger and different brands of different tread tyre wear. Inside and outside the tire wear and tear, in order to ensure safety and reduce wear and tear, should be regularly to tire