Types of automobile brake calipers

    Automobile brake caliper is a kind of caliper device that can decelerate, stop or maintain the stop state of moving wheels. It is used in disc brake system. Car brake calipers are roughly divided into three colors: red, yellow and black.

    Yellow brake caliper

    1. Yellow brake calipers are applied to ceramic brakes;

    2.Porsche composite carbon ceramic brake system is made of carbon fiber ceramic composite material, which is resistant to high temperature and strong pressure. It is the top brake system of Porsche and needs to be optional.

    Red brake caliper

    1. The red brake caliper is applied to high-performance brakes, which is mainly characterized by increasing the size of the brake disc, which is generally carried in high-power versions;

    2. Brembo is synonymous with high-performance braking system. Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, etc. all take Brembo as the Royal brake brand of their products.

    3. Brake caliper of Mg 6: the front caliper adopts p40ns red big four piston caliper with 355x28mm scribed split disc; The rear caliper is equipped with 355x12mm scribed lines to increase the split disc;

    4. Mingjue 6 brake caliper is four piston, and the braking distance is 40 meters.

    Black brake caliper

    1. Black calipers are used in high-performance cars and ordinary models;

    2. The silver brake caliper is an upgraded version of the black brake caliper, which is generally used on the upgraded version of the entry-level model, and also on the medium-level model;