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    Classified according to the protective parts of labor protection articles

    1. Head protection

    Personal protective equipment, such as general protective cap, dust cap, waterproof cap, safety cap, cold cap, anti-static cap, anti high temperature cap, anti electromagnetic radiation cap, anti insect cap, is provided to prevent the head from being attacked by foreign objects and other hazards.

    2. Respiratory protective equipment

    In order to prevent harmful gas, steam, dust, smoke and fog from being inhaled by respiratory tract, it is necessary to directly supply oxygen or clean air to users, and ensure normal breathing of operators in dust, gas pollution or hypoxia environment, such as dust mask (mask), gas mask (mask), etc.

    3. Eye (face) protection articles

    4. Hearing organ protective equipment

    Personal protective equipment, such as earplug, earmuff, anti noise helmet, which can prevent excessive sound energy from invading the external auditory canal, avoid excessive stimulation of noise, reduce hearing loss and prevent adverse effects caused by noise.

    5. Hand protective equipment

    Protect hands and arms, gloves (labor protection gloves) for operators to wear when working, such as general protective gloves, waterproof gloves, cold gloves, anti-virus gloves, anti-static gloves, high temperature gloves, X-ray gloves, acid-base gloves, oil gloves, vibration gloves, cutting gloves, insulating gloves, etc.

    6. Foot protection

    It is usually called labor protection shoes to prevent harmful substances and energy from damaging the feet of workers in the production process, such as dust-proof shoes, waterproof shoes, cold proof shoes, anti-static shoes, anti high temperature shoes, acid and alkali resistant shoes, anti oil shoes, anti scalding shoes, anti slip shoes, anti stabbing shoes, electric insulation shoes, anti shock shoes, etc.

    7. Torso protection

    That is to say, generally speaking, protective clothing, such as general protective clothing, waterproof clothing, anti cold clothing, anti smashing vest, anti-virus clothing, flame retardant clothing, anti-static clothing, anti high temperature clothing, anti electromagnetic radiation clothing, acid and alkali resistant clothing, anti oil clothing, water life jacket, anti insect clothing, wind and sand clothing, etc.

    8. Skin care products

    It refers to the articles used to prevent the skin (mainly the exposed parts of the face and hands) from the harm of chemical, physical and other factors, such as anti-virus, anti-corrosion, anti radiation, anti paint skin care products, etc.