Don't park the car for a long time

    Often some owners park their cars in the garage for a long time for various reasons. In this case, some auto professionals say that long-term parking is quite harmful to the car. Therefore, it is not recommended that car owners park their cars for a long time when they go out, and the car failure rate is high.

    Why can't the car be parked for a long time? Some car professionals said:

    First, the oil seal is easy to age, because when the vehicle stops, the contact force around the oil seal is always uneven until the oil seal is permanently deformed, which is very easy to leak oil.

    Second, the engine oil oxidizes and corrodes the parts. If the vehicle is stopped for a long time, the phenomenon of engine oil oxidization will be very serious. When starting again, there will be dry friction or semi dry friction between the cylinder and the piston, which will accelerate the wear of the parts, and the resistance will greatly increase, resulting in the difficulty of starting.

    Third, the battery is scrapped in advance. Nowadays, lead-acid batteries are commonly used in automobiles, which are characterized by self discharge once the automobiles stop driving. Under normal conditions, the capacity of the battery can be reduced by more than 1% by self discharge every day and night. In particular, sulfide is produced on the surface of the electrode plate after long-term self discharge of the battery, which affects the recharging effect of the battery, and eventually leads to the early scrapping of the battery.

    Fourth, after long-term parking, the tires will deform. After the car stops, the weight of the car is borne by the parts where four tires touch the ground, resulting in compression, contraction and deformation of the contact parts. The longer the vehicle stops driving, the more difficult the deformation part is to recover, which makes the weight distribution around the tire change, the uneven rolling radius and the tire imbalance. Once the car enters the high-speed driving, it will cause body buffeting, which can accelerate the tire wear and bring hidden danger to the driving safety.

    Fifth, after a long-term parking, the electronic components of the car broke down. There is a common feature of electronic components and connecting parts in automobiles, that is, they should be waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, otherwise they will cause faults. For electronic components or plug-in connectors of parked vehicles, the possibility of moisture will increase greatly, and the longer the vehicle is parked, the higher the probability of failure.