A good way to clean the car ceiling is not to "abandon" your health

    The cleaning of car ceiling is one of the most easily neglected places for most people, especially the cleaning of car interior ceiling. Because the interior ceiling is dirty, it is not easy to be found by car owners, and there are many cleaning procedures for the interior ceiling. However, with long-term use, the dust attached to the car interior ceiling is very harmful to the body of car owners. Do not "abandon" your health because of trouble, and regularly The cleaning is still necessary.

    Cleaning of the outer roof of the car

    The cleaning of the outer ceiling is very simple. Just like washing the car in normal times, it's OK to wash it with detergent and water. It's OK to properly do some maintenance for the whole car. The inner ceiling should be cleaned carefully. The cleaning method is usually to use high-power vacuum tube and brush to clean a large area first, then use neutral detergent to clean the dirt, and finally carry out comprehensive cleaning.

    The specific cleaning method is to first use a high-power vacuum cleaner, and at the same time cooperate with the ceiling soft brush for preliminary cleaning. Then spray the neutral foam cleaner to the top of the suede. The general quality foam cleaner will hang on top for a long time. After a few minutes, use the special clean soft brush of the ceiling to gently wash, and then use the wet towel to wipe. Do not use any other bristle brush, otherwise it will easily make the fluff fall off. The suede ceiling is a bit hard to clean up. It's right to use foam cleaners, but buy the right ones. It's best to wash the dry type of fabric sofa, which will condense the dust into small beads after spraying. Then vacuum it. For stubborn stains, it is necessary to repeatedly spray foam to scrub. After cleaning, use another piece of clean cotton cloth to smooth along the direction of the pile on the roof, so as to restore the original appearance.

    Cleaning of car ceiling

    It should be noted that the cleaning method of the interior ceiling varies according to the material and color of the interior roof. Seat cleaner can be used for light colored fabrics. First, turn down the seat, and then cover it with a towel or seat cover to prevent it from being polluted by water or detergent dripping from the roof. Then water and detergent diluents were injected into the sprayer and sprayed on the roof. After the cleaner bubbles slightly, gently use a softer brush and a lighter force. Otherwise, it is easy to Pille and damage the fabric.

    The filler in the roof of the car is made of heat insulation and sound absorption material, which has strong ability of absorbing water. When cleaning, the rag must be wring dry, otherwise the wet towel will make the cleaner wet the roof material, it will be difficult to dry, and even make these materials peel off. Moreover, we must select good quality foam cleaners, keep them for a long time, neutralize them with acid and alkali, and will not stain or stain the fabric.

    Dark color department want to check the degree of its dirty, as long as a clean wet towel gently wipe the surface. If the white towel is stained with tawny dirt, the roof is dirty. No matter what kind of car it is, it can be checked every two to three months. If you find that you can clean it with a wet towel, you don't need to use detergent.

    Wrong operation:

    Brush with a bristle brush [may make the felt very ugly]

    Random wiping without sequence. [the ceiling may collapse, once collapsed, it cannot be restored]

    Warm tip: because the ceiling in the car is inconvenient to be cleaned by machine, it's better to clean it manually. In this way, it's better to grasp the strength and avoid causing great damage to the car.