The difference between ventilated brake disc and solid brake disc

    1. Position difference: the main position of solid disk is on the rear wheel, while the position of ventilation disk is four wheels. 2. Structural difference: The choice of friction material of ventilation disc is very wide, but there are many more technological holes than solid disc. The quality is lighter than the solid plate, but the manufacturing process and price are more expensive than the solid plate. 3. Effect difference: The heat dissipation performance of the ventilation disk is stronger than that of the solid disk. The ventilation disk can improve the heat dissipation effect through holes in the disk. The service life of the ventilation disc is longer than that of the solid disc. It can be said that the ventilation disc is a kind of lifting of the solid disc. 4. Use difference: Because the ventilation disc can quickly dissipate heat during the braking process, the braking effect is also very good. Solid disc will affect its braking effect because of the heat brought by the brake. Because the weight is greater, the fuel consumption increases, and the cost of maintenance also increases. Solid type can not be used for a long time, but the cost of maintenance is much lower. The disc brake works in the same way as our bicycle brakes in general - a rubber brake disc connected to the wheel tyre interacts when braking until the wheel stops turning. The disc brake can easily cooperate with ABS system and be more used in middle and high-grade cars.

    Now the rear wheels of small cars are installed disc brakes, that is to say, front disc and rear drum!

    Generally speaking, ventilation discs are advanced versions of solid discs, with better braking performance but higher cost. See everybody's demand for installation, the general factory standard is solid disc brake disc, is generally refitted.