Precautions for daily maintenance of car lamp: eliminate low quality light bulb

    Headlights are an important part of vehicle work accident energy. The most important role is lighting and safety. They play a very important role in vehicle safety driving. Car lights can be divided into front lights, rear lights, steering lights, license plates and so on. A considerable number of traffic accidents are caused by the lack of sight, so it is obvious that the maintenance of the lights is very important.

    Note one: eliminate low quality light bulbs.

    The performance of the light bulb is very important, because it will affect the effect of night lighting and influence driving safety. The high quality light bulb is a powerful guarantee for safe driving.

    Attention two: do a good job in daily maintenance.

    The car needs to do routine maintenance, to change the oil filter and whether the brake is good. The same headlamp bulb also needs regular check whether it is intact or need to be replaced in time.

    Generally speaking, each car traveling 50 thousand kilometers or 2 years or so, the brightness of the bulb will be weakened, this time need to 4S shop for testing, if the brightness of the lights, the best time to replace the bulb, on both sides at the same time the best replacement, in order to maintain uniform brightness.

    Attention three: adjust the car lights by themselves.

    Anyone who has checked the vehicle's annual inspection knows that when the annual inspection is done, it will detect whether the position of the lamp beam is correct, that is to say, it is very important to make sure the position of the lamp beam is correct or not. The correct beam position is the guarantee of safe driving, making the vision clearer.

    If there is a problem in the light of the car, it is not necessary to get a solution to the 4S store, and this kind of problem can be done by yourself.